Stacey Steinbaum

Stacey Steinbaum is an experienced licensed clinical social worker and certified clinical trauma professional who specializes in treating clients with a wide variety of mental health issues. She has over 15 years of expertise in treating anxiety, traumatic experiences, grief, depression, and other mood disorders, and provides life coaching addressing daily stressors such as work/career, procrastination, and self-esteem concerns. Stacey’s specializes in relationships, marriage, divorce, blended families, teenage years, and children with behavioral challenges.

Stacey’s professional experiences include clinical supervisor of a non-profit organization, clinical director of a facility for adolescents with psychological and emotional issues, and a private practice therapist. Stacey has taken the lead in providing therapeutic services throughout the Parkland community after the tragedy that occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. She has provided grief therapy to parents and students directly affected by the shooting. She was also selected to provide grief and trauma counseling to first responders. Stacey’s goal is to restore balance to the individuals whose lives were affected by this tragic event.

Stacey is passionate about her work as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Her primary goal for patients is helping them reach their fullest potential, find closure from past struggles, and to understand that life is full of new beginnings. She is non-judgmental when listening to her patients’ stories and helps them at crossroads in their lives to find a new path. If you’re in crisis, overwhelmed or struggling with a relationship, she can help you move through it, gain insight and perspective, and use it as a rich opportunity for personal growth. Stacey is devoted to helping her clients heal, find self-acceptance, and live with greater integrity.

Stacey’s clinical approach incorporates emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal solutions, tailored to the specific needs of her patients. She helps her patients identify and work through challenges so that they may find deeper meaning and purpose in their lives. Stacey has worked with adults on issues of depression, anxiety, stress, loss, abuse, trust issues, relationship issues, anger management, divorce, and life transitions. She has extensive experience working with children and teens to cope with problems related to divorce, attention deficit disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, bullying, drug use, defiant behaviors at home or at school, self-esteem, aggression, family conflict, and blended families issues. Stacey has helped couples to improve boundaries, communication, intimacy, and partnership with each other. Stacey will provide you with the support you need to become liberated from past and present emotional pain so that you can move towards a balanced and fulfilling life.